Google slowly rolling out Panda 4.2 algorithm update

Google is going to push out a Google Panda refresh this weekend. This roll out is happening incredibly slow So it could be possible Many of you may not have noticed it.PANDA

This update can take months to fully roll out because it will slowly impact your site. The Panda algorithm is still a site-wide algorithm, but some of your web pages might not see a change immediately.

The last official Panda refresh ( Panda 4.1 ) was on September 25, 2014 (almost  10 months ago). That was the 28th update, but I would coin this the 29th or 30th update, since we saw small fluctuations in October 2014.

As far as I know, very few webmasters noticed a Google update this weekend. That is how it should be since this Panda refresh is rolling out very slowly.

Google said this impacted about 2-3% of English language queries.

New Chance For Some; New Penalty For Others

The rollout means anyone who was penalized by Panda in the last update has a chance to emerge if they made the right changes. So if you were hit by Panda, you unfortunately won’t notice the full impact immediately but you should see changes in your organic rankings gradually over time.

This is not how many of the past Panda updates rolled out, where typically you’d see a significant increase or decline in your Google traffic more quickly.

Reference : Search Engine Land

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Google says : Asking For Links The Right Way Is OK

Do you think Google now saying you can’t even ask for links without risk of a penalty? No Google has clarifies on its Portuguese webmaster blog that asking for links is OK but with the right

The post drew a lot of attention from the SEO community because it specifically said that webmasters should not even ask for links.

That line was even bolded by the author, Google’s Diogo Botelho, who wrote, “não compre, venda, troque ou peça links,” which translates to “do not buy, sell, exchange or ask for links.”

Here are screen grabs of the non-translated and translated version:



Google’s John Mueller did say something similar to this back in February 2015, where he said webmasters should avoid link building because it is unnatural.

Google had no comment for over a day when we asked about this, so an earlier edition of this story was eventually posted with the headline of “Google: It’s Unnatural To Even Ask For Links To Your Site.”

A few hours after that, Google finally got in touch to clarify that the post has now been altered to say that you cannot:

Buy, sell or ask for links that may violate our linking webmaster guidelines.

We’ve bolded the key part. In short, asking for links is OK, as long as you don’t ask in a way against Google’s rules.

Reference : Search engine land

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Twitter : “Tweet Activity Analytics” to iOS App users

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On monday, Twitter introduced “View Tweet Activity option” for iOS app users to Expand the Tweet Activity Dashboard analytics feature to mobile.

Twitter for iOS users with the updated app can now see the detailed analytics about their tweets. Users can click on one of their tweets to get to the Tweet Details page, and then tap View Tweet Activity to see details. As yet, there are no details about when the feature will roll out to the Twitter for Android app.

The announcement came on Monday via a tweet (first spotted by TheNextWeb) by Ian Chan from Twitter.

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Top 10 enterprise Web Development Agencies

Hello Everyone…!!!web development company which is an independent authority on web solutions has reported the ten top enterprise web development firms in the month of December 2014 edition of the rankings published online. Lets have a look at the list of top 10 Enterprise Web Development Agencies.

Top 10 Enterprise Web Development Agencies in december 2014:


2) VJG Interactive

3) OneIMS – Integrated Marketing Solutions


5) Bruce Clay

6) iCrossing

7) Critical Mass

8) Razorfish

9) DeepBlue

10) Hudson Horizons

Which one do you like the most… share with in comments.

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Important questions to ask before hiring a web designer or web designing company

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As a Web Design and Development company we know Hiring a web designer can be a daunting task for you. Here are some important quetions to ask before hiring a web designer or a web designing compny.

  • Can you provide a list of five references I can contact?
  • Do you do this full-time and how long have you been doing web design?
  • What is your process?
  • What is the typical budget range for your projects? how are payments broken down for projects?
  • What is the typical turn-around time for your projects?
  • When can the project be started?
  • What do you need from me before we start?
  • Do your clients see a return on investment? Do you have proof of increased conversion rates or goals being achieved after you’ve done a redesign?
  • Does the price include making the site mobile friendly?
  • Will the site be supported by retina screens?
  • Do you custom design or use templates?
  • Who will own the website design when it’s paid for?
  • Do you offer maintenance or training or post-launch support?
  • Who is the contact person and who is doing the work? is anything outsourced or subcontracted out?

Ease of communication is key Web design project, Where thing can get confusing.o ask these quetions before hiring.

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Common html5 interview questions

Hello Everyone…!!!html5

Here are some common interiew questions of HTML5 which will help you to prepare for interiew… Lets have a look.

Questions :

Que.1 What are the new features provided in HTML5?

Some of the new features provided in HTML5 are:

•It provides support for local storage
•New form controls, like calendar, date, time, email, url, search
•<canvas> element is provided to facilitate 2D drawing
•The <video> and <audio> elements are provided for media playback
•New content-specific elements are provided. For e.g. <article>, <header>, <footer>, <nav>, <section>

Que.2 Tell us something about the new <canvas> element.

– The new <canvas> element provided by HTML 5 aids in 2D drawing.
– It uses the tag <canvas>.
– This tag helps in drawing graphics through scripting usually JavaScript.

Que.3 What are the various elements provided by HTML 5 for media content?

<audio> and <video> elements are provided by HTML5 for media playback.

The tags used are:
a.) <audio> – It defines sound content.
b.) <video> – It defines a video or a movie.
c.) <source> – This tag defines the multiple media resources for <video> and <audio>.
d.) – It provides a container for an external application or interactive content.
e.) <track> – It defines text tracks for <video> and <audio>.

Que.4 What are the new Form elements made available in HTML5?

The new Form elements in HTML5 provide for a better functionality. The tags provided to carry out these functions are:

a.) <datalist> – It specifies a list of options for input controls. These options are pre-defined.
b.) <keygen> – This tag defines a key-pair generator field.
c.) <output> – It defines the result of a calculation.

Que.5 What are the various tags provided for better structuring in HTML5?

The various tags provided for better structuring in HTML 5 are:

a.) <article> – This tag defines an article.
b.) <aside> – It defines content other than the page content.
c.) <bdi> – This tag isolates a part of text for formatting in a different direction from other text.
d.) <command> – It defines a command button to be invoked by the user.
e.) <details> – It defines additional details that can be viewed or hidden by the user.
f.) <dialog> – It defines a dialog box.
g.) <figure> – This tag specifies content like illustrations, diagrams, photos, code listings, etc.
h.) <figcaption> – It is used to provide a caption for a <figure> element
i.) <footer> – This tag defines a footer for a document or section
j.) <header> – This tag is used to define a header for a document or section
k.) <hgroup> – When there are multiple levels in a heading, it groups a set of <h1> to <h6> elements.

l.) <mark> – It defines highlighted text.
m.)<meter> – It defines a scalar measurement within a known range.
n.) <nav> – It defines links for navigation
o.) <progress> – This tag exhibits the progress of a task
p.) <ruby> – It defines a ruby annotation for East Asian typography
q.) <rt> – It defines an explanation/pronunciation of characters for East Asian typography
r.) <rp> – This tag tells the system what to display in browsers that do not support ruby annotations.
s.) <section> – It defines a section in a document
t.) <summary> – It provides a visible heading for a <details> element
u.) <time> – This tag defines a date/time
v.) <wbr> – This tag defines a line-break

6. Which elements of HTML 4.01 are no more a part of HTML5?

Following elements of HTML 4.01 are no more a part of HTML 5:


7. What is SVG?

•SVG is the abbreviation for Scalable Vector Graphics and is recommended by W3C.
•It is used to define vector-based graphics for the Web
•The graphics are defined in XML format
•An important quality of SVG graphics is that their quality is maintained even when they are zoomed or resized.
•All the element and attributes of SVG files can be animated

8. What are the advantages of SVG over other image format like JPEG or GIF?

Following are the main advantages of using SVG over other image formats:

– It is possible to scale the SVG images.
– They can be created and edited with any text editor
– The print quality of these image is high at any resolution.
– It is possible to zoom the SVG images without any degradation in the quality.
– SVG images can be searched, indexed, scripted, and compressed

9. Differentiate between Canvas and SVG.

The table below shows some important differences between Canvas and SVG:

– Canvas is resolution dependent while SVG is not.
– Canvas does not provide any support for event handlers while SVG does.
– Canvas is suitable for graphic-intensive games while SVG is not suitable for gaming.
– Canvas is suitable for small rendering areas while SVG is suitable for large rendering areas like Google maps.

10. What is a Canvas? What is the default border size of a canvas?

Canvas is a rectangular area on a HTML page, specified with the tag <canvas>.
By default, a canvas has no border. To get a border on the canvas, a style attribute is required to be used.

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5 Best softwares for Web Development

Hello Everyone…!!!web development

Today i am here with some great oftwares for web development. use these softwares and make web development easy.

Lets have a look…


IT is a text editor on steroids. It supports HTML, Perl, LaTeX, ASP, Java, Javascript, PHP, AutoLISP, SQL, COBOL, 4DOS, JCL, VHDL, ADO, VBScript, VRML and more. It features a tabbed interface, as well as “clipbook” libraries for HTML, JavaScript and CSS that make the task of editing a web page a lot easier.


To move files from your local machine to your web server you will need a tool. IPSwitch’s WS_FTP Pro is used by web developers for years, with over 40 million users worldwide. It allows you to transfer files over FTP, SSL, SSH and HTTP/S transfer protocols. It is also secure, with 256-bit AES encryption, FIPS 140-2 validated cryptography, OpenPGP file encryption, and file integrity validation up to SHA-512. This isn’t your father’s File Transfer Protocol (FTP) software.


puTTY is a free implementation of Telnet and SSH which can be used on Windows and Unix platforms, and it includes an xterm terminal emulator. It supports standard telnet sessions, SSH-2 and SSH-1, as well as local echo. The software isn’t as full featured as some commercial SSH tools, but it will get the job done–and well. If you need to telnet or SSH into your web server, this is the tool to use.


Adobe’s Dreamweaver is a full-featured WYSIWYG editor that allows developers to design visually as well as directly within the code. It supports PHP-based CMSes such as Drupal, WordPress and Joomla, and enables developers to create websites using HTML 5. It also features CSS Starter Layouts to get you started, and is integrated with Adobe BrowserLab, which allows developers to preview dynamic web pages and local content using multiple views and diagnostic and comparison tools.

PaintShop Pro

Corel’s PaintShop Pro has been a web developer’s friend since Jasc Software owned it over six years ago. It allows you to import, edit and share your images. It enables those of us without graphic skills to make quick fixes to images via its Express Lab feature. Creating GIF images with transparent backgrounds is a snap. It also allows users to upload images directly to Facebook, YouTube and Flickr. PaintShop Pro retails for $99.99, and a free trial version is available for download. As you can see, the software you choose can make your life easier, and enhance the development process from start to finish. If you know of other tools that belong in every web developer’s toolbox, let us know so we can spread the word!


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“PHP CS Fixer” A tool for PHP Developers

Hello Everyone…!!!CS fixer

CS Fixer is a great tool for keeping  your code clean and maintainable. it  automates code cleanliness by taking it a step further – it runs through a given set of rules and automatically rewrites your code to make it compatible with them. It  is a universal tool which shares many standards used across many projects, making you automatically compatible with the vast majority of the professional PHP development world.

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Google published the ‘Best Apps of 2014’ section on Play Store

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Now Android users  can find the top rated app for th year slightly easier, google has published a section on play store that is “Best Apps of 2014”. In this section users can find the best apps for 2014 on play store.

This section on google play store includes 64 apps in total with om popular apps like :

1. Shazam

2. TuneIn Radio,

3. Uber

4. Skype Qik: Group Video Chat

5.  Secret.

This list of 64 apps include 7 paid apps namely :

1. Amazing World Atlas

2. Ultimate Guitar Tabs & Chords

3. Facetune

4. Afterlight

5. 7 Minute Workout Challenge

6. djay 2

7. Over

Share your thoughts with us in comments…

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Mozilla previewed the upcoming search interface for Firefox

On Tuesday Mozilla previewed the upcoming search interface for Firefox, Mozilla has improved featured search suggestion design and a new ‘array of buttons’ below search suggestions in the search box.mozilla

Now you ill notice two new things while typing a search term into the Firefox search box,

first :

Mozilla has improved the design of search suggestions to make them look a lot more organised.


There is an array of buttons below your search suggestions. These buttons allow you to find your search term directly on a specific site quickly and easily,” notes the Mozilla UX blog post.

When a search query is typed in the search box, it will allow users to directly search the same query from different options like Google, Bing, Amazon, DuckDuckGo, eBay, Twitter and Wikipedia, as demonstrated by the company.

With the new Firefox, users will be able to easily add an additional search engine to the list of selected search engines.

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